Fabulous places to relax in The Netherlands

For us it still feels like 2019 just had began, but it's already April again. Time flew by, did you have any time to relax at all? A night or a weekend away is, therefore, not a bad idea. A different environment and some quality time with your partner or best friend often do wonders. SUITSUIT found out the most beautiful places in the Netherlands to come to rest. Read along.

Although the sun does not always show up there, Noordwijk aan Zee has a great beach and, of course, the sea.  In this small coastal town, you escape the everyday bustle. Walk along the beach, get a breath of fresh air and drink hot chocolate at a beach bar. You've earned it. We promise you will come back home fully recharged and with a peaceful mind.
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Maastricht is not around the corner for most of us, but it's worth travelling for. The most southern city of the country gives you the impression of being abroad. Think of historic architecture, cosy cafes and southern hospitality. For the shopaholics, it's too the right place to be − you will find trendy shops, exquisite boutiques and big department stores.
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Are you looking for the best of both worlds? Middelburg has a charming city centre and a great beach that you can explore with your partner or best friend. You can shop here with ease, and without the hectic pace, you are used to in the big cities. Then, settle down in a cosy restaurant to sample Zeeland cuisine.
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Most likely, Amsterdam has immediately sprung to your mind when you read "canals". But what about Utrecht? Have you thought about this charming old city? It's a pity that Utrecht doesn't get enough attention - if not to say that it's often gets forgotten - while it has so much to offer. Take a romantic stroll along the canals, go shopping in the Hoog Catharijne shopping centre or visit the famous Flower Market for a bunch of fresh peonies.
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Brabant and cosiness are inseparable. And you will certainly find that cosiness in Den Bosch, a city that deserves much more praise than it's given. Den Bosch has many beautiful boutiques and culinary hotspots, such as NomNom for shared dinners, Bar 35 for burgers and beer, and Robbies for Sunday brunch. And of course, you cannot leave Den Bosch without wearing a Bossche bol.
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Now, after reading this post, we hope you are inspired to go travelling in Holland. You know what to do next - choose a place, book the hotel and RELAX.


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