Exploring a solo adventure

Where I am often overflowing with ideas, I am also overflowing with dreams. Dreams about places I'd like to go and people I'd like to see. A little scrolling on my phone is the perfect remedy. I can go wherever I want without actually moving. I can be in Madagascar or Lanzarote by simply changing my screensaver.

When I think about the series I watch and the podcasts I listen to, I can say that my interest in a solo adventure has definitely increased. Hearing all those stories makes me dream of discovering unknown destinations. I admire the heroic stories of women who suddenly start a life abroad, or the solo travellers, who dare to follow their heart towards adventure. A desire is growing within me that I can’t ignore. Where I used to feel insecure, I now feel like adventure is calling me. Saying ‘yes’ more than ‘no’ will bring me to the places I want to be.Where would I go? I honestly don't know; the possibilities are endless. I enjoy the heat, but I don’t want a tropical all-inclusive vacation. I would prefer a vacation full of adventure, new discoveries and exploring new cultures. That is what excites me. Actually, I just need to make the decision and go.

It scares the hell out of me, but it inspires me so much. These past few days, I've been looking more into solo travel. I thought about whether or not I should go on that adventure. There’s only one way to find out, right? I think it’s time to plan a solo trip. I want to crawl out of my comfort zone more often and discover the unfamiliar. I am curious to see where this will take me and how my environment will react when I tell them that I am going to book a solo trip. I'll keep you posted!

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