The weather is starting to get colder, the days are getting a little shorter and the trees are changing colours wonderfully in the evening light. Fall is here again - time to stroll through forests full of tall pine trees. We also spent a wonderful time dipping ourselves into the multi-coloured nature and enjoyed all of it. Of course, a little adventure cannot be missed either. We would love to take you through our wonderful days in nature and, besides a dose of inspiration, we might even have a nice surprise for you and your friends.


After unpacking our Natura bags, we have some time to breathe in the fresh autumn air. Not too long though, as we start our weekend with an active hike. Following a carefully mapped route, we walk through dazzling forests full of tall conifers. It's wonderful how time passes by while chatting carefree and when the biggest worry is to not slip on a muddy path. After an hour of solid walking, we stumbled upon a clearing in the middle of the forest, with a beautiful lake at its centre. Full of courage, we stepped onto the - somewhat creaky - high wooden bridge over the lake. We step off the bridge with shaking legs, but the view is more than worth it.


The leaves crunch under our bike tyres as we mountain bike at lightning speed. Hill after hill, we are getting more and more driven to compete with each other. Biking does require some skill. At each corner, a big branch can block the road, so every now and then we breathe a sigh of relief as we cycle at a steady pace on a straight road. While some can't go fast enough, others are wondering when it's time for hot chocolate. We cycle on and arrive at a large field, when a friend gestures for us to slow down. As we try to catch our breath, we watch a deer family running at the edge of the field. We breathlessly watch and realise that weekends like this in nature create the most extraordinary views.


The next day, after a delicious homemade lunch, we decide to experience nature from the water. Surrounded by the green scenery, we canoe through the gently flowing water. At some spots, we can see how the stones on the bottom sparkle in the reflection of the clear water. Even though summer has been over for a while, the autumn sun warms our faces during the canoe trip. With a healthy blush on our cheeks, we explore the hillsides There is no sound from the outside world and surrounded by the rippling water, we clear our heads.


We end the last day of our lovely weekend by enjoying a campfire As we wrap ourselves in thick jumpers and woollen blankets around the crackling fire, we look back on our adventures. We drink some hot chocolate milk, enjoy the sound of the crackling fire, and let our marshmallows burn a little too much. Our smiling faces catch a warm glow in the light of the campfire. We enjoyed this outdoor weekend to the fullest.