European cities that deserve more love (and visits) in 2019

You'd like to make a city trip, but you don't know where to go. And you've already seen the popular cities like London, Paris and Barcelona. Does this sound familiar? Then it's the right moment to discover new places. SUITSUIT finds out which European cities deserve more love in 2018. Extra plus, as these cities are yet upcoming − you won't be bothered by mass tourism.

It's no wonder that Riga is nicknamed Paris of East Europe. You will find a beautiful old city centre with pastel-coloured facades, cosy streets and even a castle bridge. The great thing about Riga is that everything is located within walking distance.  After exploring the city on foot, dive into one of many coffee shops. Sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and a sweet Latvian speciality.

Did you know that the Hungarian capital consists of two parts? On one side of the Danube, you will find Buda, the authentic part of the city. On the other side lies Pest, this is where you go on a great shop spree and where you find all kinds of restaurants. Do you want to relax and recharge before you return home? Then pay a visit to a traditional Hungarian bathhouse.

The combination of historical attractions and trendy modern places makes Edinburgh an exciting city to visit. Get to know Scottish culture by plunging into museums and strolling through the old city centre. Then settle down at The Dome to eat and recuperate. And what's the better place to round up your day than in an authentic pub? Long story short: you must go to Edinburgh if you are looking for a cosy atmosphere.

Forget about Lisbon. Porto it the place to be. Alone the Instagram-perfect architecture is an excellent reason to visit this port city - think cosy streets and brightly coloured facades. And do you fancy a good glass of wine? Then you are in the right place, as the city is full of wine caves and cellars. Our tip is to do a wine tasting together with your partner, friend, sister or mother.

Are you on a budget? Then Krakow, Poland is a perfect place for a wallet-friendly city trip. According to the people who'd already been there, you can enjoy everything the city has to offer for a very moderate price. You might not expect it, but Krakow radiates history and has many trendy hotspots and wonderful shopping areas. Mainly you will find them in the Jewish district of Kazimierz. And doesn't that sound like a beautiful city trip?

Now thanks to this list, you are fully charged with a dose of travel inspiration. So, in which city will we find you soon?


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