Sensual, subtle and daring - these are a few words to describe the incomparable star allure of the Bondgirl and the new Black Gold collection.  Through the years, there have been as many as 75 women shining by Bonds' side. With his vivid storytelling, writer Ian Fleming has introduced the world to a treasured work of cinema and put the femme fatale in the most timeless spotlight. Full of vodka-Martinis - shaken, not stirred - spectacular storylines and stunts. But who was Bond without his beloved muse? Who were those dare devils by his side? SUITSUIT will immerse you in a world of suspense, sensuality, and intrigue. You'll find out how many Bondgirls could now take on the role of 007 themselves. Or how James' black suit does not simply wrap every woman around his Goldfingers, but quite the other way around. 

Grab some popcorn, embrace your inner-Bondgirl and read more about the cinematic lives of timeless power women, in front of and behind the scenes.


The Bond series starts with the dazzling Honey Rider, played by Swiss actress Ursula Andress in the film Dr No (1962). With her appearance in the world-famous scene that recalls Botticelli's Venus artwork, she rises from the water like a true goddess. James Bond, aka Sean Connery, is enchanted by her beautiful voice and is soon introduced to the 'femme fatale' in her when, to defend herself against him, she pulls a dagger from the sheath of her bikini. In Casino Royale (2006), Daniel Craig walks out of that same Caribbean Sea in sensual manner, in reference to Andress' phenomenal appearance.

She personally has never quite understood the hype over the bikini - nevertheless, she and the scene contributed to the sexual revolution going on in puritan England. In fact, in 2001, the famous bikini sold for a massive $150,000 at an auction. Fun fact: Honey Riders' sensual voice was narrated by Nikki van der Zyl and not Andress herself - as the latter had a somewhat heavy Swiss accent that would not suit the character Honey, according to the directors.


In a View To Kill (1985), May Day, aka Grace Jones, enters the scene as the mysterious Bond girl. It is the seventh and last film in which Roger Moore plays the role of 007. The introduction between May Day and James Bond was quite straightforward - which murderess Jones was not amused by. Mr Bond was lying on her hotel bed while he waited and delivered the following cheeky line ''Mayday where have you been? I've been waiting for you to take care of me''. May Day, besides her phenomenal role in A View To Kill, has also become known for her high-end fashion looks - think of the red suit in which she tries to tame the horse Pegasus. These looks were not just created overnight but designed in collaboration with Parisian designer Azzedine Alaia and costume designer Emma Porteous.

Although she plays millionaire Zorin's mistress in the film, she is mostly his bodyguard. She don't need no man - in fact, she can lift a grown man over her head using her bizarre physical strength. This murderous femme kills one after another of Zorin's opponents. No detective is left safe from her life-threatening technique.


In GoldenEye (1995), Xenia Sergeyevna Onatopp, besides being a Bondgirl, mostly doubles as an action hero. Using her strong thighs, she kills one man after another - and knows all about tactical stunts as a pilot of the Air Force. This Dutch actress, Famke Janssen, made her definitive breakthrough in Hollywood with her role in GoldenEye and has had many international roles to her name since then. Think of roles in The Wolverine, Star Trek, or Blacklist. She also won several awards for her magnificent acting skills - for example, for her role in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006).

However, the life of a Bond girl is not all roses. Janssen, for instance, broke one of her ribs while filming a chase in GoldenEye. She also struggled to find a way in the celeb land, mainly because of the press portraying her in a way where she didn't recognise herself. According to the media, the cold, femme fatale roles are not played, but reflect who she really is. Janssen, however, knows best; she is mainly playful, sensitive and, in her own words, a bit crazy. Conscious of the impact of media, she consequently distances herself from all celebs because she "pays a price for fame, which she is not willing to pay".


It was an absolute must for actor Daniel Craig to have Monica Bellucci by his side in Spectre (2015). Playing the widow of a murdered mafia boss as Lucia Sciarra, the 49-year-old actress meets Bond at her husband's funeral. Belucci is the oldest Bond girl to this day, a very positive development according to Craig, who claims that the sexist aspect of the films is now considered outdated. Through her phenomenal role, Monica proves that it is never too late to be a Bondgirl.

Bellucci herself only signs up for roles in which she can portray women's duality. In her modelling and film career, in fact, her beauty was the main reason for being in films. Today, after years of work experience, she mostly strives for the integrity of directors and colleagues she works with. Having a connection, being out of the spotlight and being able to talk person-to-person without a facade is nowadays Monica Belluccis top priority.


Last but not least: Lashana Lynch. She had her reservations about being invited to audition as a Bond actress in No Time To Die (2021).  She wanted anything but to lose her strength as a woman in the Bond series that had grown into a franchise. Her character had to portray the familiarity of a family member - someone she could feel related to. There had to be some depth and multiple layers at play in her character so her role would not just be left two-dimensional.

Phoebe Waller Bridge was the answer to Lynch's request. As writer of the successful and quirky Fleabag, Daniel Craig wanted nothing more than to add her to the mostly male team of writers. Together with producer Barbara Broccoli, and others, Phoebe managed to write a fitting role for Lynch. Lynch leaned over the screenwriters' pre-existing work and added her own distinctive style to the script. This finally fulfilled the burning desire among women to see themselves represented beyond just sex appeal.

The legendary moment in which James Bond introduces Lynch, or Nomi, as the new 007 caused a stir. To this day, loyal fans eagerly wait to see the sequel to James Bond. Will it be Lashana Lynch... some other woman, or will it be a man instead?