An unexpected roadtrip

As you probably know, I love to discover unexpected places. That doesn't mean I have to travel to the end of the world, sometimes it's just about discovering the unknown. Like the time I discovered a beautiful garden in the heart of Barcelona, in a city garden that was beyond my wildest dreams. Or that one day on a beach, only five minutes from the busiest hotspot, which only a few people seemed to know. Meeting people in unfamiliar places and experiencing adventures in new destinations always makes my heart beat faster.

As I write about fun holiday moments, I can't help thinking about the one time me and my boyfriend decided to make a last-minute trip to an unknown destination. We had a long weekend ahead of us and we could hear adventure calling. We decided to fuel up the car and agreed to roadtrip until we ran out of gas. We packed some snacks into the car, downloaded a nice playlist and - apart from a few quick stops to pee - drove for hours. By the time our car's red petrol light was on, we were already far beyond the German border and just a few kilometres away from beautiful Hamburg.  

We stopped at a quiet spot along the road, filled up the tank, and searched online for the nearest accommodation. We came across an amazing loft with a view over the port of Hamburg, rented out by a local. Once we arrived, I could not believe my eyes. The loft had an eclectic, modern style and the now retired owner told us she had collected all the artworks and sculptures while working as a gallery owner. The house felt like an art residence, tastefully and stylishly decorated. She invited us for a drink on her roof terrace and I couldn't help but smile while watching the sunset over the beautiful harbour in the heart of the city.The following morning, we agreed to maintain our spontaneous spirit and made a deal: No Google Maps, no planning ahead and just going with the flow.

Do you remember that feeling when you went on a school trip? The enthusiasm, slight tension and wondering how the day would unfold. With similar excitement, we left our stay and found a cosy 'Konditorei' where we had a delicious sandwich and a well-deserved cappuccino.

After a wonderful day of wandering around, trying local specialities, and relaxing in Hamburg Stadtpark, we came across a large outdoor cinema. The well-prepared visitors brought their own folding chairs and the unprepared (count me in) could buy a cushion at the entrance. So, we bought a cushion, some freshly made popcorn, a beer of the local brewery, and sat down together with the locals and tourists - waiting for the movie to play on the big screen.

As I write this, I realise how enjoyable these days have been for me. The spontaneity, the sense of freedom, and simply not living according to the planning and rhythm of everyday life.

What did you experience this summer? Tell me your stories. That one unexpected rendezvous, that great party, or the discovery of a beautiful view after a long walk. Send us your most memorable travel story using this link and who knows, you might read it soon on our blog!