5x Must See Museums

May 18th is almost here. If you had pointed this out to me a year ago, I would’ve probably given you a very questioning look. But now I can’t wait. I’m ready to immerse myself in unknown works of art by the greatest masters. May 18th is International Museum Day, with this year the theme: ‘The Power of Museums’.,/span>

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) organises the event and describes the importance of museums as follows: “Museums have the power to transform the world around us. As incomparable places of discovery, they teach us about our past and open our minds to new ideas — two essential steps in building a better future.” Sorry but: do I need to say more? 

I can’t wait to discover new art and be inspired, so I looked into which museums are participating this year. Block May 18th in your diary: these five museums are a must see on International Museum Day this year.  

Musée du Louvre - Paris
The world’s most visited museum couldn’t be missing from this list. This beautiful museum in the French capital is housed in a former palace. The stunning corridors and halls are art in themselves, not to mention the works you will find there. On more than 72,000 square meters of exhibition space, you can admire art from antiquity to the first half of the 19th century. In addition, you’ll find the masterpieces Venus de Milo and the well-known Mona Lisa. In short, you cannot ignore the power of this museum and the works of art.

Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam
This museum has the largest collection of art and historical objects in the Netherlands. Maybe I'm biased - the Netherlands is my home country after all - but I think this one should not be missing from the list either. In the 'Rijks' you will find the most beautiful works by Dutch Masters such as Van Ruysdael, Frans Hals, Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt van Rijn. International Museum Day is the perfect excuse - although it doesn't have to be an excuse - to admire masterpieces such as The Night Watch and The Milkmaid.

British Museum - London
The British Museum belongs to one of the largest collections of art in the world. But where the Rijksmuseum is all about homegrown pride, here you will find a collection of objects that span more than a million (!) years of human history. To paint a picture: the largest object is a gate that weighs 16 tons and the smallest object is a 0.0002 gram coin. The British Museum is an impressive museum, which again fits in seamlessly with this year's International Museum Day theme.Fundació Joan Miró - Barcelona
From antiquity and the masters of the Golden Age, we’re diving into modern art. Located on the Montjuïc mountain in Barcelona, this museum was built especially for the visual work of Catalan artist Joan Miró. The unusual white building, designed by an old friend of Miró, is worth a visit alone. But when you step inside, the amazement really begins. Miró's collection, plus work by a number of other modern artists such as Alexander Calder and Mark Rothko, are all that modern art is about. That’s ‘The Power of Museums’ too. So if you're in the area of the Spanish capital: you know where to be on May 18th!

Albertina Museum - Vienna
Like Miró's museum, Albertina is housed in an impressive building. It’s located in the Erzherzog Albrecht palace, but a modern element was added when the museum was situated there. This makes the museum a special addition to the center of the Austrian capital. Besides art and various historical objects, Albertina is known for her large photo collection of almost 10,000 objects. The extensive architecture collection with designs, sketches and models also makes this museum unique.

So, you see, you don’t have to be a culture buff at heart to ‘participate’ in International Museum Day. Give it a shot, step inside one of the wonderful museums above and see what it does to you. Most importantly: discover and be inspired. Enjoy!