Five easy tips to pack your hand-luggage quickly and stress-free

Our hand-luggage Packing Cubes are life (and space) savers. The organiser designed to fit precisely in between two compartments of our Fabulous Fifties 55 cm suitcase. Thanks to the Cubes, your clothes stays neatly folded and in place, your toiletries aren’t scattered through your hand-luggage, and you use the space your suitcase has to offer to the maximum.

 By using the Packing Cubes, you’ll be able to fit an extra outfit into your suitcase and have enough space for some exciting new purchases to bring back home.

Light-weighted clothes get jammed and wrinkled easily by the heavy items in your carry-on. Put all heavy things, like books, shoes and hair-dryer on the bottom of your suitcase. Then, on top of them, pack the delicate items: your clothes, jewellery and iPad. Alternately, use the compartments with zippers, it’ll ensure that your delicate and breakable possessions will travel undamaged.

→ It will be easier to carry your suitcase if you put the heaviest items to the bottom, right above the wheels. This way the highest pressure will come atop of the wheels instead of the backside of your suitcase.

By rolling your clothes, you don't save any extra space per se. However, you do use this space most optimally as you can feel the tiniest corners and the smallest holes in between with your socks, T-shirts and underwear. We advise to roll the light-weighted clothes, like dresses and blouses but fold the heavier pieces, like sweaters and denim. You can separate the folded and rolled items by storing them in two different compartments, or you can pile the folded clothing on top of the rolled ones.

→ When rolling your clothes, you ensure that it’ll arrive wrinkles-free (as far as it is possible while travelling). Plus, you can easily fill the corners of the suitcase with the rolled items. Meanwhile, by folding your clothes, you create an overview of the outfit sets and keep them at hand.

Talking about outfits, when heading away for three-five days, think well about what your day and evening program is. Pack clothing pieces that can quickly transform your day-look into an evening appropriate attire. However, be careful not to overpack. Do you really need two coats on this trip? Are you going to wear all five dresses and five shirts you are taking? Think, therefore, beforehand what you are planning to do and to wear.

Thinking about outfit sets? Make sure to pack all pieces of one set together. This way, you’ll easily grab the whole outfit without roaming throughout your suitcase.

When travelling, learn to pack only what you truly need. Switch from trendy clothes to basic pieces that are easily mixed and matched. The chances are big that you’ll wear trendy and bold items only once. While the basic pieces could be re-worn in different sets and combinations.

Think about the thickness of your clothes. Do you prefer to take one fuzzy sweater of five different shirts?

By overpacking, you add difficulties to your journey as you have to carry a heavy suitcase around. Furthermore, you also take up the valuable baggage space, which you could have used for bringing home new purchases. Pack only what you need and play with your looks by combining clothes into different outfit sets.

Enjoy your weekend getaway and good luck with packing!



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